Lend a helping hand

Give A Dream Foundation voluntary work is based off having volunteers work at our many projects.

Normally we have minimum stay of two weeks and one year maximum. We also welcome internship students who want to specialized in a particular field of studies.


1. Teach in our school: English, Mathematics, Science, Sports and games, creative art, Frech and many other subjects including computer science.

2.Work to train women in making creative arts, sanitary pads, bamboo work, sewing and fashion, batik tie and die and reproductive health education.

3.Permaculture farm work: Learn and help in our farm and conservation centre, including bee keeping, mushroom care, and tree planting.

4. Snake zoo : help cater for our snakes in the eco village and learn from medicinal plants.

5. Construction work: As we are planning to start building our new disabled children centre, we will need volunteers to help in the processes. You don't need any qualification just ready to make your hands dirty.

6. Home care for disabled children: We assign volunteer to help families on daily based to help in house chores in their house.

7. Help in plastic recycling centre.

8. Fundraising


You don't need any qualifications in the above. Just the ability to speak little English (teaching work)

You can get trained by our team before starting your job. This gives you more experience about the project.


We charge the following fees for food and accommodation:

Two weeks: 250 Euros

Three weeks 300 Euros

Four weeks 400 Euros

The above fees does not include any other services like tours or local transportation.

All fees must be paid to during your application period to confirm your placement.

First night hotel accommodation and airport pick up is 150 Euros

Application Process:

Send the following details to +233 57763 4789

  1. Full name as on passport

  2. One Emergency contact

  3. A motivational letter / note about what you want to achieve in this trip.

  4. Level of education and what you can do.

  5. Payment receipt of accommodation and fees:

Accommodation and food fees should be paid

through: www.taptapsend.com

Option: MTN mobile money Account Number: +233 241168505

Name of Recipient: Rosemary Atachie